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As an organization, our primary focus is to help educate our community about what is going on within the greater Indian community. This includes understanding social and political issues while creating a platform for open discussion. One of the issues that has come to our attention is the farmers’ protests against the recent farm acts passed by the Parliament of India. The Kisan protests began across North India late last year in response to three farm bills that were passed by the Indian government in September of 2020. Since then, farmer unions and various representatives have demanded that the laws be repealed. The protests have expanded across the globe in various South Asian communities.


ISA UMN believes that it is important to understand the situation through an educational lens and support the communities that are affected. We realize that this incident has not only impacted the whole country of India but has affected Indians all around the world.  Due to this, our organization created an educational video series on the ongoing protests. Below, you will find the links to our three-part video series in addition to infographics explaining the situation and what we can do to help!

Click below to read about the relevance of the Farmer Protests & learn about what you can do to help. 
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